Acne Pimple Patch Acne Spot Treatment Hydrocolloid Acne Patchs

Short Description:


1.Excellent exudates absorption capability.

2.Excellent elastic and self-adhesive, comfortable and convenient to use

3.Waterproof, breathable, protect the wound from microbial invasion.

4.Keep the wound in a moist environment , promote wound healing, effectively release pains and reduce change frequency of wound care dressing.

5.Easy to peel off, no adherence to wound, effectively reduce the potential damage and pains.

6.Available in different sizes and shapes to meet the clinical needs.

Product Detail

 Place of Origin: China  Brand Name: OEM
 Model Number: Hydrocolloid Acne Patch  Properties: Adhesive & Suture Material
 Instrument classification: Class I  Name: acne pimple patch Acne Spot Treatment Hydrocolloid Acne Patchs
 Material: Hydrocolloid  Feature:  Waterproof
 Color: Many kind according to  requirements  12mm or according to
 Size: requirements
 Certificate: CE/ISO13485  Application:  acne
 Package: Individual Packed  Safety  GB/T 32610
 Shape: Circle Star or Customized  Type:  wound dressing or wound care

1. With advanced hydrocolloid material, fast absorption on exudates from acnes.

2. Effectively reduce the redness of acnes, and help in offering a moist environment,accelerate the acne healing without scars


3.Acne Patch Pimple Patch the skin under it moist, which increases skin permeability. Keeps the active ingredient in place so it doesn’t get rubbed off accidentally. The patch protects your pimple from rubbing and touching, and it keeps the wound moist so it heals faster and better.

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