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Our company staff consists of managers, administrative staff, R&D staff, QAQC operation staff, sales staff and Material Buyer.

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The manager and administrative staff handle the daily affairs of our company together

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The R&D personnel conduct development and exploration and have developed many patented products.

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The operations staff operate the company's major websites and social media.

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Salesmen and Material Buyer complement each other, develop new orders, arrange according materials, check production status etc.

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Our company is in a stage of rapid ascent and still needs a lot of talents, welcome to join our big family


In-depth exploration of our company's work process, to provide customers with the most secure and comprehensive services.

Development project
Order to Production line
Development project

1.  understand the where-what of the customer, that is, the source and product positioning of the customer, the classification of product items, check the details of the product .

2. Collect  materials, and even related product styles suitable for customers.

3. If customers send samples they specify, we will arrive, actively research and develop, and actively respond to all customer questions and requirements


After the customer chooses the material of interest, we will quote a specific style to evaluate the price level.organize the customer’s technical information, including manufacturing orders, size tables, accessories, etc.

Order to Production line

1. The standard of product be checked with the technique and production line

2. After order confirmed,will arrange product material and package material ect.

3 arrange the production


Loading Cabinet
Preparation Of Transportation Documents
Export Declaration

1. make a pre-arranged packing list, list the shipment quantity, weight, box quantity, cubic quantity

2. The documentation department will contact the freight forwarder designated by the customer, including sea and air transportation

3. cargo arrive at port about 1 week before shipment, and will make a longer time in advance during peak season

Loading Cabinet

1. The buyer of our company will contact the trailer and arrange the time to load the goods

2. The loading time is generally 2 days or more before shipment. Pay special attention to the final closing time to avoid being unable to board the ship.

3. When loading the container, check the goods, check and make the final packing list

4. After loading the cabinet, seal the lead, record the box number and the lead number, and report to our company's documentation department

Preparation Of Transportation Documents

The documentation department is responsible, and the salesperson and purchaser assist in providing relevant information.

Export Declaration

Foreign exchange collection

(1) Foreign exchange collection under L/C

(2) Foreign exchange collection under T/T

This is a set of procedures between us and our customers. It is very rigorous. As a foreign trade company, being responsible to customers is our major obligation


As a comprehensive application company for medical devices, our company has its own certificates and patents

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