Emesis Bags

  • Disposable Leakproof Vomit Blue barf bags emesis bags

    Disposable Leakproof Vomit Blue barf bags emesis bags

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    *MEDICAL GRADE, NON-TRANSPARENT VOMIT BAGS - The barf bags’ medical grade material is non-transparent (after all, who wants to see their own vomit?) with emesis measurements printed in ml on the exterior.

    *THICK, DURABLE, LEAK-PROOF DESIGN - Made to be reliable, these sealable vomit bags are secure all the way to the rim, with an easy-to-use closing mechanism that ensures NO breaks or leaks.

    *VERSATILE & MULTI-USE - These disposable puke bags are ideal for pregnancy morning sickness, car, air and motion sickness, chemo patients, Uber, Lyft and rideshare drivers, school kids and more.

    *LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT & PORTABLE - Fit these emesis bags easily into your purse, car, bedside table, or bathroom cabinet. These new barf bags are lightweight, convenient, and travel-friendly.