Contemporary children myopia incidence and younger age trend. , experts say, children should be actively, pay attention to their own vision abnormalities, if found abnormal vision eyeglasses correction should be timely and specification, and check regularly.
Under the condition of current medical technology, myopia cannot be cured. Beijing tongren hospital chief physician of ophthalmology song-feng li, child and adolescent period should increase outdoor activities through science, with the eye time, reduce long time close your eye myopia prevention, control and slowdown.

“Is not scientific to use electronic products is one of the leading causes of high incidence of myopia in children under 6 years old to avoid the use of mobile phones and computers, parents should be less as far as possible in front of the children to use electronic products.” Continuous song-feng li said, children, speaking, reading and writing in eyes of time shoulds not be more than 40 minutes, also should keep correct posture to read and write.

“In addition, increase the daytime outdoor activities is one of the most effective method to reduce myopia, the sunshine can inhibit the axial extension, prevent myopia.” Song-feng li said that children should be 2 hours a day, 10 hours a week of outdoor activities.

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Post time: Jul-11-2022