In the past 3 months, the medical waste involved in the epidemic has been produced by Nissan, and the disposal of medical waste in medium and high-risk areas across the country has been stable and orderly.

Beijing, June 30, reporter Zhang Wei Recently, the relevant person in charge of the Solid Waste and Chemicals Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment responded to the situation of the national medical waste generation, disposal capacity and actual disposal situation under the epidemic situation. According to reports, judging from the recent dispatching situation, the medical waste disposal situation in medium and high risk areas across the country is stable and orderly. In the past three months, the average daily load rate of medical waste disposal facilities in cities (states) and municipalities involving medium and high risk areas across the country has averaged Below 90%, of which 97% are below 80% and 66% below 50%. All medical wastes are properly disposed of, and medical wastes related to epidemics are cleaned up by Nissan.

According to the person in charge, the medical waste generated in the treatment, isolation observation, diagnosis and related activities of new coronary pneumonia patients and suspected patients in designated hospitals, fever clinics and other places is highly infectious, and stricter management than ordinary medical waste is adopted. measure. In addition, in places that require strict management outside the medical institution (such as closed control communities, isolated hotels, etc.), the domestic waste generated by the positive nucleic acid test, close contacts, close contacts, etc., and the protective equipment used by the staff, as well as the nucleic acid test generated Refer to medical waste management for medical waste.

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Post time: Jul-05-2022